Sports configuration

Terrain de basket

The hall can be used for various national and international sports events ranging from basketball to tennis, gymnastics, or boxing.

Since the inauguration in 2005, the Country Hall hosted the first class basketball championship, the European and Belgian basketball cup, the Fed Cup (twice), the world championship boxing and a gymnastics event, but there were also table tennis and other sports disciplines.

The hall is almost equipped with :

  • 2 multisports scoreboards of 1.8 m x 1.4 m
  • 1 suspended electronic marker (with a screen) with 4 sides and 2 control “boxes”
  • 1 powerful sound system
  • a press room and adjoining office
  • a “kinesiotherapy” room
  • a room that functions as a weights room
  • four “team” locker rooms
  • four “referee” locker rooms
  • a drug-testing room
  • an infirmary

Thanks to the folding tribunes it is easy to set up the hall for a sports event.

There are 5088 seats.