Configuration spectacle

In the show setup, the hall consists of a lower area of 1300 m2 with seats and standing places, and two levels with tribunes with seats.

The rectangular architecture makes sure that artists are never far away from their public.

  • Ground floor seats: from 800 to 1440 seats
  • Ground floor standing places: from 1500 to 3780 places
  • Upper tribune: 1514 seats
  • Lower tribune: 1829 seats

The upper and lower tribunes can be hidden with large curtains in 3 positions (maximum, medium or minimum) to adapt the hall’s capacity.

Show with seats

  • Maximum (no curtains): 4783 seats
  • Medium (upper tribunes hidden): 2954 seats
  • Minimum (upper and lower tribunes hidden): 1825 seats

Show with standing places:

  • Maximum (no curtains): 7123 seats
  • Medium (upper tribunes hidden): 5294 seats
  • Minimum (upper and lower tribunes hidden): 4165 seats
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  • Incentives,

Resonance time: 3.5 seconds.